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A HUGE Congratulations to

  EnchantedTails Shania of AsianSafari 

and her fabulous owners, Agnes and Oliver!

Shania has now earned the title,

Great International Champion!!!


Home of 2009 On Safari Winners
    EnchantedTails Trixie Belle  

Best of the Congresses Bengal Kitten Female

2nd Best of the Congresses Bengal Kittens

    Gogees DancenDaze of EnchantedTails   

Breeder's Choice Best Bengal Kitten

Breeder's Choice Best Kitten Male

3rd Best of the Congresses Bengal Kittens





My greatest service to you is to provide you with a top quality,  healthy, and loving Bengal Cat or Kitten that will enrich your life as abundantly as my Bengals have enriched mine.


Our Bengal Cats and Kittens come from the best bloodlines in the world. When selecting our Bengal cats and kittens for breeding, Health and Structural Soundness are essential, as is  a Social, Loving, and Playful disposition. We also select for:

Wild Heads
Strong Chins
Long Bodies
Captivating Eyes
Wild Markings
Silky, Soft Coats
Whited Bellies


Note: Just for fun, after you meet our cats, you may want to indulge in an adventure in two other areas of our website. You can explore the EnchantedTails Fantasy Kingdom using the pull down menu below the Bengal Cat menu. You are also invited to roam around Castle Amusement Park and enjoy  the menagerie merry-go-round animals on a fabulous 1904 Denzel Carousel.......a real treasure and true work of art!


  What's New at EnchantedTails 
Updated on Sept. 24, 2010

We are now located in St. Helens, Oregon, which is close to Portland, OR, and just across the Columbia River from Longview and Vancouver, Washington.
I have updated most web pages with our new contact information, but have not done all of them yet. The email address is the same, but please check the phone number. The new number is (503) 396-5448


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Contact Holly Erickson
St. Helens, Oregon
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We are near Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

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